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Willowfern officially began in 2009 as a collaborative Etsy Shop between sisters, Willow and Fern Ritchie.  We were living on opposite sides of different countries, both creating clothing and houseware items out of recycled materials, and the online shoplet was a way for us to connect and encourage each other from afar.

Since then, Willow has put down roots in Northern Ontario, and Fern calls Northern Montana home.  Once in a while we work a show together, but mostly Willowfern acts as an umbrella for two creative souls working independently, but with commonalities.  

We both choose to work with natural materials such as hemp, organic cotton, and linen.  These fibers are chosen for their strength and durability, and the fact that they can be grown sustainably.

We make every piece by hand.  Each design is created, cut, sewn and dyed with love and care. 

As we continue to learn and explore through the textile arts, we are grateful for the love and support from everyone who has encouraged us along the way!