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Reusable cotton produce bags are a great alternative to using plasic. Made with 100% organic cotton muslin fabric, these bags are perfect for produce, bulk items, or even used as gift bags. In the set of three, you will get one small, medium and large bag. 


Cotton is an ideal material for produce bags, as it is breathable. Compared to plastic bags, cotton will allow for airflow, keeping your produce fresher longer, and avoiding the slime.  For leafy greens, or vegetables prone to easy wilt, dampen the produce bag (being sure to wring out any excess moisture).  This helps to keep your produce crisp and fresh. 


Cleaning is simple. Clean out any debris, then toss the bags right into the washer and dryer, and presto! They're ready for the next trip to the grocery store or farmers market run. 

Reusable Produce Bags- set of 3